Gov Auctions Review- Does It Work For You?

Gov Auctions Review

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I chose to attempt Gov-Auctions when I was buying a new vehicle. I saw the website and immediately wondered, “Is Gov Auctions a scam or is it legit?” The only way for me to learn was to make use of the site, then tell you about my experience. I’m going to attempt to make my Gov Auctions review as unbiased as possible to help you know precisely what to consider the website.

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When my teen child wrecked her automobile, our family was in a little a bind. We needed to buy a new vehicle, but we didn’t wish to spend too much money. If we bought an inexpensive car, we ‘d conserve a great deal of money however would not know if we could rely on our car. If we leased or purchased a new automobile, we ‘d have a dependable ride but have to pay much more than we could manage.

A pal pointed me to government auctions and stated it was legit. Given that he ‘d had an excellent experience there, I believed I ‘d give it a shot in trying to find my household’s new car. I did end up buying an automobile through the site, and I’m extremely happy with it, however I’ll explain that later on in my testimonial.

What Is Gov-Auctions?

Gov Auctions is a site that helps people discover auctions for government previously owned and seized automobiles, trucks and SUVs. Countless cars are seized monthly by authorities departments and government agencies like the IRS, DEA and FBI. These cars are then auctioned off to the public at a discounted rate. Specific laws need these vehicles to be noted and sold at as much as 95 % off their original value.

Essentially, Government Auctions helps individuals find these auctions and then save cash when they buy these seized or secondhand automobiles. There are listings on the website for auctions that are not searchable somewhere else on the web, and Gov Auctions warranties listings in every state. I had no issue opting to buy a pre-owned automobile, so I provided the site a try.

Are The Cars Reliable?

My most significant issue in purchasing a vehicle is whether or not the automobile is trusted. I have actually bought cars in the past that died after just a few months of driving. I didn’t want that to occur once again, so I ensured to look into the vehicles on Gov Auctions to see if they were dependable. I discovered that government previously owned and surplus automobiles are well-maintained and typically just between 2 and 3 years of ages. That suggests the automobiles are still going to be in good condition.

When I acquired my car through Gov Auctions, I was surprised at how clean and well-kept it was. I purchased a Toyota Camry with only 17,000 miles on it for around $5,000– a take at that rate! The automobile didn’t smell like cigarettes (something I have actually had issues with before when buying secondhand vehicles) and ran efficiently. Even though the car was 3 years old, it drove like it was brand name brand-new!

Based upon my experience, I ‘d state that the cars on Gov Auctions are very reputable.

Is It Costly?

Another vital factor for me in purchasing an automobile is cost. Like I discussed previously, brand-new cars are trustworthy but too pricey and old vehicles are cheap however undependable. I required something that was an ideal balance of reliability and cost.

Gov Auctions had a lots of automobiles noted for auction that all fit well within my cost range. Virtually all of the automobiles I saw were well below $5,000, and no automobile I saw listed closed at more than $8,000 even for a current-year model. That’s truly inexpensive for a quality vehicle!

Like I discussed, I got a Camry that was 3 years old for only $5,000. I paid a bit more for mine that many people did (based upon auction records readily available on the site), but I live out in the middle of no place. I’m sure if I lived closer to a huge city I ‘d find a comparable car for even less.

The membership charge for the website was extremely reasonable especially because I conserved so much on the vehicle I purchased. The website only charges a one-time cost, not a rebilling membership, so I didn’t need to fret about unexpected bills showing up on my credit card statement. I got access to the site the moment I signed up, so I didn’t have to wait for my subscription to clear prior to I made use of the service.

The subscription allowed me to have access to over 10,000 government secondhand vehicles for auction, 1,000 s of live auctions with proposals starting as low as $100, access to Google Maps to show me the exact place of auctions and even more features I won’t enter into right here. You should inspect it out yourself to see just how much you get with a subscription!

In general, the pricing was very good all over the website. If you’re wanting to save money on a nearly new vehicle, Gov Auctions is the website to check out!

The Final Verdict

Overall, I would extremely suggest Gov Auctions. The site was very simple to navigate and assisted an everyday man like me discover government auctions in my location. By purchasing a government secondhand vehicle, I saved countless dollars on my household’s new car. I’ve attempted to make this Gov Auctions review useful and objective, however in all sincerity, I enjoyed the website.

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